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Top Selling Smartphone in 2020 – [ Worldwide Selling ]

Recently released the list of Top selling smartphones in 2020. The six market firms are Omidya. They are publish a report. Every year they publish top selling smartphone report. That’s why this year also they publish top selling smartphone 2020. Here we are provide all information related to this report.

According to the Omdyar report, Apple’s iPhone XR is the highest sales worldwide in 2019. Apple sold a total of 46.3 million (4.63 crore) iPhone XRs in 2019.

iPhone 11 is also the second largest Apple smartphone in the list of best selling smartphones in 2019. In 2019, the global selling collection is 11.3 million (3.73 crore) units were sold for the iPhone 11.

Phone NamePhone Sold
iPhone XR 46.3 million (4.63 crore)
iPhone 11 11.3 million (3.73 crore)
Samsung Galaxy A10 30.3 million (3.3 crore)
Samsung Galaxy A5024.2 million (2.42 crore)
Samsung Galaxy A20 19.2 million (2.42 crore)
iPhone 11 Pro Max 1.5 million (2.22 crore)
iPhone 8 1.5 million (1.8 crore)
Redmi Note 7 1.5 million (1.8 crore)
iPhone 8 Pro 1.5 million (1.1 crore)
Samsung’s Galaxy J2 Core 1.2 million (1.82 crore)

South Korean tech giant Samsung also lags behind Apple and First. Samsung also make their position with their three smartphones. These three phones are sold in large quantities all over the world. After the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy A10, Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A20 are third, fourth and fifth places respectively.

According to the Omdya report, the global Galaxy A10 has sold 30.3 million (3.3 crore), Galaxy A50 24.2 million (2.42 crore) and Galaxy A20 19.2 million (2.42 crore) units.

Not only the first and second places, but also the 6th and 7th places are Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 8. Global iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 8 have sold 1.5 million (2.22 crore) and 1.5 million (1.8 crore) units. Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7, on the other hand, ranks 8th on the list, with 1.5 million units sold worldwide.

On the other hand, the iPhone 8 Pro and Samsung’s Galaxy J2 Core are ranked 9th and 10th, respectively. Globally, the two smartphones have been sold for 1.5 million (1.1 crore) and 1.2 million (1.82 crore) units.

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